10th class grading in Andhra Pradesh (AP) , How the 10th class results will be graded?

September 28th, 2012| Education.

AP government has announced that the grading method will be applied in the 2010 examination 10th class results, instead of marks. But answers validation and syllabus changes will not be there, even the grading system is implemented. According to students marks, gradings from A1 to D2 will be done.

The goverment officials expects that grading system in examinations, will reduce the stress on students. Till the mark sheets reach to students, no other persons can know the marks of any students. Corporate education institutes are propogating the results from day one of results announcement. This can be avoided here onwards.

This grading is already implemented in CBSE. In the present system of AP state, the students who got the marks between 60 and 95% are treated as First class. So, the difference between the top percentage students and 60% marks obtained students, will not appear in this present system.

How the 10th class results will be graded?

For example in March 2009, 788918 students were passed. The top grading A1 will be allotted to top 12.5% passed students. That means the total students will be divided into 8 parts. Small variation will be there in 12.5%, because, when they consider the nearest mark, the 12.5% will be changed slightly. See the following grading table for 10th class results of 2009.

Grade % required Marks Range and % Actual % Passed students
A1 Top 12.50 591-506


12.713 100299
A2 12.50-25.00 505-468


25.182 98371
B1 25.00-37.50 467-434


37.888 100240
B2 37.50-50.00 433-404


50.156 96784
C1 50.00-62.50 403-375


62.503 97408
C2 62.50-75.00 374-345


75.061 99072
D1 75.00-87.50 344-310


87.793 100445
D2 87.50-100 309-204


100.00 96299
Total  Students Passed 788918
E Failed Students 210064

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