What is group discussion? | Types of Group discussions

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What is group discussion? | Types of Group discussions

The main goal of the group discussion is to test the skills of the candidate in the areas like leadership qualities, communication skills, clarity and spontaneity. The group discussions scope had increased and they are not only having the importance in the management and engineering courses. They are given importance in the professional course, corporate jobs and many companies.

What is group discussion?

The group discussion is given importance in the interview of the job and they will divide the candidates and conduct the group discussion. They will elect the candidates in number of 8 to 12 members. The duration of the group discussion is from 15-20 minutes. There are three types of group discussions.

Regular structure GD:

This is easiest than all the GDs. They should talk on the particular topic for certain duration. The topic will be related to the general issues and there is no need of technical knowledge. There is no need of conclusion after the group discussion and there won’t be any leader to conclude the GD.

Unstructured GD:

They will select the leader in the GD and it is their responsibility to conduct the GD properly. They will conclude the group discussion and the group discussion specialty is to select the topic by them. The leader will play the role conducting the GD properly without disputes while selecting the topic.

Specialized GD:

This is very different from the other group discussions and there will be replay in this type. The candidate should act as HR or CEO on the topic given. They should otherwise play the role which is decided before only like doing the deals, playing the role of HR and CEO in the deals between two companies etc. They are testing the creative skills of the candidate in various areas and in various situations.


The group discussion is not the place where few are selected and other are eliminated. The popular business schools and companies are trying to identify the skills which they need in the candidate to work in their company. They are testing the areas like subject knowledge, problem solving capability, strength, weakness, self confidence, listening skills and other factors.

How to get success in Group discussions?

There are many people who fail in the GD even though they have good academic record and subject knowledge. The main reason for this is that they are not having good communication skills and the other reason is that they are concentrating on the academics than the soft skills. There is no difference between the remote area candidates and rural candidates. So they should give the importance for the soft skills from the college level and they should participate in the seminars. They should observe the way in which the seminar is given and they should know the way of answering the questions after the seminar. They should also observe the way in which the group discussion is interfered before completion and they will know the way in which they should perform the group discussion.

Chit chats with friends:

The best way to improve the skills in the group discussion is to discuss anything with the friends and they should practice on different topics whenever they get time. They should be able to answer the questions and they should come to a conclusion. This will reduce their fear and increase their confidence levels. They should practice the GD whenever possible and the house and college are the best choices for GD.

How to face GD?

Communication skills play a vital role in getting success in the group discussion and they play an important role in explaining the topic, increasing the confidence levels and discussing the opinion in a clear way. These skills will create positive attitude in others and there are many institutes which are providing short term courses on communication skills. They should get the fruits of the course and they should do the course so that it won’t affect their academics.

Knowledge –ideas:

The knowledge on the topic also plays an important role in the GD and they should have good grip on the topic to present it well. They should read a lot for the knowledge on various topics and they should read all the developments and related political issues to their respective branches. They should make reading as hobby and they should use the internet, popular news papers and journals etc. The hurry preparation when they get the call for interview won’t help them and they should prepare from before itself keeping the competition in the mind in the present corporate fields. They should extend their knowledge while doing the course in all the ways possible.

Leadership – coordinating skills:

The main goal of the GD is to test the leadership qualities and their way of conducting the GD. Their response when there is a dispute between the colleagues and other issues.

Exchange of thoughts:

The theme of the group discussion is to exchange the thoughts and so they should respect the thoughts of others. They should give an opportunity to express any objections and to give their opinion.

Addressing the group:

The other main point in group discussion is the way of addressing. They should start the GD by addressing the group as they won’t know the names of everyone in the group and they should not use their accent while participating in the GD. They should use simple and plain language other than the high language. They should not speak the words in Hindi and English.

Importance of English:

There are many people who have the doubt whether they should speak only English in the GD and there is no doubt that English is the language which takes a step closer to the job opportunities. The main points are content and the different ways in which the topic can be explained. So they should speak in English if they grip on it or else they can speak in their mother tongue. They should not participate in English without the basic knowledge.

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