2009-2010 Income tax rules | How to pay advance income tax (e-tax) through online?

October 14th, 2012| News.

2009-2010 Income tax rules

After TDS exemption, if your tax is more than Rs. 10,000/-, then you have to pay ¾ of your income tax as advance tax.

All the corporates and the people who are audited under 44AB have to pay the income tax (e-Tax) through online, with effect from 1.04.2008

RBI has given permission to 30 banks to receive the tax.

(For information login to www. tin-nsdl.com)

How to pay advance income tax (e-tax) through online?

One should open an account through any net-banking in 30 banks.

Go to Website www. incometaxindia.gov.in and click on “Pay Taxes Online”

(You will get help via FAQS)

Or You can Pay the Advance Income Tax in the form of Challan

For the purpose of paying advanced tax, use new challan Number 280. (New challan number: 280 single copy challan). If you are the payer of corporate tax then, tick 0020. In case if you do not belong to any company then tick 0021.

To have a good proof of your advance income tax, you must fill up the PAN properly. Keep the counterfoil which is having Challan Identification number(CIN), Bank’s branch BSR code and Advance tax paid date.