Intermediate exams schedule announced for 2011 | Inter exams from March 7th and Practicals from 3rd February 2011

November 13th, 2010| Education.

State government of Andhra Pradesh has announced dates for inter and tenth class exams. Intermediate exams would commence from 7th March and would end up by 25th of the same month. ‘Environmental education’ test would be conducted on 31st January. Practical tests would be conducted from 3rd February to 22nd February 2011.

Tenth class exams would be conducted from March 24th to 9th April. Inter practicals would be conducted in ‘jumbling’ method only. Intermediate exam dates are confirmed taking competitive exams dates in to consideration. Officials are taking care to ensure that the syllabus is completed within the schedule.


Intermediate exam dates time table (timings  8am to 11 am)
Day and date First year exams Day and Date Second year exams
Monday7.03.2011 Part –II2nd language paper- I Tuesday8.03.2011 Part-II2nd language paper-II
Wednesday9.03.2011 Part-IEnglish Paper-I Thursday10.03.2011 Part-IEnglish Paper-II
Friday11.03.2011 Part –IIIMaths paper-I ABotany Paper-I

Civics paper-I

Psychology paper-I

Saturday12.03.2011 Part-IIIMaths paper-II ABotany paper-II

Civics paper-II

Psychology paper –II

Monday14.03.2011 Maths paper-I BZoology paper-IHistory paper-I Tuesday15.03.2011 Maths paper-II BZoology paper-IIHistory paper-II
Wednesday16.03.2011 Physics paper-IEconomics paper-IClassical language-I Thursday17.03.2011 Physics paper-IIEconomics paper-IIClassical language paper-II
Friday18.03.2011 Chemistry paper-ICommerce paper-ISociology paper-I

Fine arts, music paper—I

Monday21.03.2011 Chemistry paper-IICommerce paper-IISociology paper-II

Fine arts, music paper—II

Tuesday22.03.2011 Geology paper-IHome science paper-IPublic administration paper-I

Logic paper-I

Geography paper-I

Bridge course maths paper  (for Bi.P.C students)-I

Wednesday23.03.2011 Geology paper-IIHome science paper-IIPublic administration paper-II

Logic paper-II

Geography paper-II

Bridge course maths paper  (for Bi.P.C students)-II

Thursday24.03.2011 Modern Language Paper-I Friday25.03.2011 Modern Language Paper-II
1.     Environmental education examination Monday 31.01.2011 – From 10 am to 1 pm
2.     Practical examination 03.02.2011 to 22.02.2011 – General  and vocational
3.     Theory examination 09.03.2011 to 28.03.2011 – General and vocational((Info not given in latest article))