3D TVs in India | How 3D TV works?

March 21st, 2013| Tech Trends.

3D TVs in India | How 3D TV works?

Technology changes the human taste regularly. Even before the viewers are not acquainted to the LCD, LED, and HD TVs completely, 3D TVs have hit the market. While Samsung Company has released it in the foreign market, its competitor Sony Corporation is trying to release it India in the month of June-July. Other competitive companies like LG and Haier are also going to release it in the next few weeks. To entertain the viewers, electronic companies are releasing the TVs with 3D technology. While the graphic based movies like avatar has done well at the box office, companies are thinking that graphic based programs will be attractive.

How 3D TV works:

3D TVs work in Stereoscopic method. This will be different experience of watching the ordinary TV. It imparts viewing with real effect. Programs in this kind of television sets will have more color depth, sharpness. In the aquarium scene, users feel that they are under water and the fish to be coming to them. In case of soccer match, users feel that the ball is going to hit them if a goal is made. This technology is made by improving the old 3D technology. With this, 3D films can be enjoyed on the television sets with the help of 1080P HD resolution. There is an option of viewing ordinary TV telecasts in the 3D TVs made by some companies also. LAN, Internet can also be connected to it. With this facility, real time internet and You Tube clippings can also be enjoyed. This can be used for office purposes like video conferencing.

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