4G services in India | The specialty of 4G services | Difference between the 3G and 4G

February 16th, 2010| News, Prices.

4G services in India | The specialty of 4G services | Difference between the 3G and 4G

The 4th Generation Technology is ready to enter into the market without the proper availability of 3rd generation technology in Indian market. The Telecom Regulatory of India ( TRAI) which is the central government regulatory Authority want to know the comments from the corporate or Business community related to the latest 4th generation technology services.  Actually the 3G services should available in the market from last year onwards.  But due to the postponement of auction on 3G spectrum, the 3G technology services not yet entered into the mobile market. The services may not be available even in future also due to introducing of 4G technology services into Indian market.

Difference between the 3G and 4G | The specialty of 4G services

Currently 2G technology services are available in India.  The data transfer is not fast in 2G technology is the disadvantage of it.  To overcome disadvantage of 2G services NTT Docomo Company was introduced the 3G services in the year 2001 with the data transfer rate is 3.1MB per second which looks to be faster when compare to the data transfer rate of 2G services.  Now,  4G technology is coming with broad band service with an speed of 1 GB. 4G technological services minimum data transfer rate is 100MB.  That is why 4G services are called as Ultra Broad Band services. When the data transfer rate in 4G is very much high when compare to the data transfer rate in 3G then what is the use of 3G technology service introduction is a million dollars question.  Business community thinking that even the government will sells the 4G spectrum by merging the 3G spectrum as a part.

Issues in front of TRAI

Telecom regulatory of India is looking all issues related to introduce the Advanced Ultra Band Services (4G).    TRAI is mainly concentrating on Issuing the license, price band, Spectrum allotment.  TRAI collects the comments from the business community by 15th march and drafts the procedure and other relevant issues related to the 4G services.  Currently 4G services are available in the countries like Sweden and Norway.  The services are ready to start in the countries like America, Korea, Japan.  TRAI should introduce these excellent 4G services very soon in the Indian mobile market so that the transfer of data rate between the mobiles will be done very fast in compare to the currently available services.

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