5 aspects which should not be referred near the boss | How to behave in the office?

November 17th, 2010| Uncategorized.

5 aspects which should not be referred near the boss | How to behave in the office?

There are five aspects which should not be referred near the boss.

This is not my work:

They should not tell that they won’t accept the work given to them when the work is not related to their job. They should accept any work given to them and when they reject the work, it hurts the boss. The boss may give the work to test the skills of the jobber and so they accept the new work. They should take the work as a challenge.

Silly reasons:

They should not give silly reasons when they could not complete the given work in time. These silly reasons would affect their career and if there really any problem, they should inform their boss and overcome those problems. The company will give more importance to the people who complete the work in given time.

Boss you are wrong:

Even though the boss tells anything which is wrong, we should not tell him that it is wrong. It is not our duty to detect the mistakes in others and we should just do our job. When we detect the mistakes in the boss, the relation with the boss may be disturbed and it is not good for the job.

Blame game:

We should accept the fault when there is our mistake and we should not try to blame others for the mistakes. Even though boss and the colleagues are our friends, we should be professional in the job.

Be polite:

We should not be casual in the office and we should be polite with everyone in the office. We should talk only after thinking and we should always be positive even though boss is hurting us. We should always be positive, be polite and be professional in the office.

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