7 Steps in Engineering Web counseling 2010|Changing order of preference of colleges

August 27th, 2010| Education.

7 Steps in Engineering Web counseling 2010|Changing order of preference of colleges

Step 1:  How to Register?

Open the website http:// www. apeamcet.nic.in.   A home page will appear like this.

Engineering Web counseling step 1

  • Instructions   and details relating to web counselling will appear on the left side.
  • Click on the ‘Candidates Registration’ button that appears on the right side.
  • Click on the ‘Generate Password’ button after entering the required details in the window boxes.
  • Follow the rules and fill the boxes ‘enter the password’ and ‘re-enter password’ and click the ‘Save ‘button.
  • A message will appear indicating that the registration is completed. Click Ok button and Logout.

Registration process is completed with this.

Step 2:  Login of Candidates

Engineering Web counseling step 2

After completing the registration process, go in to the home page.  Fill the details like Registration No, EAMCET Hall Ticket No, Password and Date of Birth in the ‘Candidate Login’ section.

Step 3:  To continue smoothly

Engineering Web counseling step 3

  • Instructions and conditions to be followed in the Option Entry Form can be seen in the window that appears on clicking the ‘Sign-in’. Tick in the Check Box which is before the Declaration Message.  Declaration Message appears at the bottom of the window. Choose ‘Help Screen’ between the two ‘Option Entry Form’ and ‘Help Screen’.
  • If ‘Option Entry Form’ instead of ‘Help Screen’ is selected, there would be no chance to know the instructions and condition details. It is better to understand the details from the ‘Help Screen’ and then enter the options.
  • Read the instructions and conditions that appear on clicking the Help Screen.  Click on the link ‘Click here to Enter Options’ that is at the bottom of the screen.  Option Entry Form window is opened with this.

Step 4: Selection of Region and District

Engineering Web counseling step 4

  • Select the Region, District and Engineering Group with a tick mark in the above window.
  • Then click on the ‘Display Option Entry Form’ button that appears on the bottom.

Step 5: Options Entry

Engineering Web counseling step 5

  • Option entry form contains the details of Region, College, District and branch.  Enter the college details in the input box as options (1,2,3,4…).  The order of preference should be the same as the manual entry form filled.
  • Click the ‘Save’ option every time option is entered.

Step 6: To change the order of preference

Engineering Web counseling step 6

To change the order of preference, click on the ‘Insert Between Options’ button. For example the options are given from 1 to 111.  If the 31st option is to be changed,  then the order of preference of options from 32 to 111 are also to be changed.  This can be tedious process.  But  changing the order of preference is easy with ‘Insert Between Options’ .  If this option is clicked, an empty box appears on the top of the page. Enter the option number that is to be changed (here it is 31).  Then click on the ‘Insert’ button.  Automatically the 31st option changes into 32nd option and likewise all the other options are changed in the same order.  The options before 31st will not change.  Then click the ‘Save Option’.  Immediately click on ‘View & Print’ button.

Step 7: View and Print

Engineering Web counseling step 7

  • Options in a new window will appear when the View & Print button is clicked.  Click on View Saved Option to view all the options and their order of preference.  A printout of this can also be taken.
  • Click on the ‘Print Receipt of Certifications’.  A receipt with the details of certificates submitted for verification will appear.  Take a printout of this receipt.
  • Information of seat confirmation can be known by clicking the ‘Allotment Order’ option.  But these details are known only after the counselling process is completed.  So this option is not needed now.
  • With this web options exercise is completed.  So logout of the site

To logout of the site

Engineering Web counseling step 8

  • Click on the Logout button that appears on the web option window.
  • Logout Confirmation window appears with three options.
  • Click  on ‘Save & Logout’ so that all the option which are not saved can automatically be saved
  • The window will be closed if ‘Confirm to Logout’ button is clicked.  Options which are not saved are not stored if this option is selected. Click on ‘Cancel Logout’ to re-enter the web counseling.

After selecting the options?

  • The options students locked at the end are taken into consideration.  Seat is allotted basing on the order or preference, rank secured and availability of seats.
  • Allotment order (college and branch details) can be viewed if students Login with the User ID on the dates prescribed by the Counselling Committee. Take a printout of this.  Take the printout of Bank Challan form specified for the payment of fees.  Pay the fees using the challan in the bank.
  • Students have to report to the allotted college before the specified date with all the certificates like Allotment order, fees receipt etc. Otherwise the seat can be cancelled.

Things to remember

  • Fill the manual options form completely which is given at the time of verification. And then begin the web option exercise keeping the manual form ready for checking.
  • Do not let others know the password
  • Mention the mobile number and e-mail ID in the personal details.
  • Click the ‘Save Options’ without fail.
  • Give more number of options.  The chance of losing a seat is minimal with this.
  • If the password is forgotten, contact the help line center authorities with the hall ticket and rank card.


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