8 open SECRETS of Usharani | Shambhavi is my daughter – USHARANI

April 8th, 2013| News.

8 open secrets of Usharani | Shambhavi is my daughter – USHARANI

Atlast Usharani-caretaker of Shambhavi has announced the truth. They are as follows:
1. Usharani native place is Bapatla in Guntur, and studied upto 8th class.
2. At the age of 14 Usharani has married with Diwakar and their son name is Lalitendranath who is 30 years old now.
3. At the of 18 of Usharani, her husband was dead. So, her son care has taken by her parents.
4. At the of 23 years, Usharani got BA degree from Mysore University.
5. At the age of 25 years, Usharani started writing of Yoga and Spiritual books. Totally 4 books she wrote in English and telugu.
6. In 1998 Febraury Usharani met Yoga Teacher Soumyacharya.
7. In March 1999, She married Soumyacharya.
8. On 22 May 2002, Shambhavi was born for them, in Tirupati. And the birth certificate of Shambhavi is given by Tirupati Muncipality. That concludes Shambhavi is daughter of Usharani and Soumyacharya.