9 tips to busy job | How to look busy in the office even if we are free?

November 18th, 2010| Jobs.

9 tips to busy job | How to look busy in the office even if we are free?

They should not walk with empty hand:

They should always walk with file or any book in their hand and they should catch any file while talking to their colleagues in the office. The people those who see think that they are discussing the office matters.

Always be near the computer:

They should be in front of the computer even if they are not doing the office work. They can even chat and those who see that think they are doing some office work. They can also send their personal mails.


There should be some files on the desk so that they look as if they are doing some work. They should also keep some pens, pencils and other things which are useful.

No phone calls:

If they get any calls, they should attend the call and tell that they will call later. So the people think that they are busy in the office.

Be irritated:

They should look as if they are irritated and frustrated with the office work. This makes the people look as if they are busy and they look as if they are working hard.

Go late:

They should go late to the home as if there is more work in the office. They can study the books which they could not read at home and they should leave the office late when the boss is there.

Oh god:

They should sometimes say oh god and so everyone think that they are stressed out of work.


They should consult the boss for small things even though they knew them. This will increase the impression and the boss thinks that they are working hard.

Very important:

They should write all these points on the paper and follow them. They should keep it safe and away from the boss.

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