Aadhaar Project is going to provide employment opportunity for the unemployed | Jobs in Aadhaar project

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Aadhaar Project is going to provide employment opportunity for the unemployed | Jobs in Aadhaar project

  • 3.5 lakhs of new employment opportunities
  • Income for companies in thousands of Crores

Aadhaar Project is a new project intended to give special personal identification number to all the Indians, more than 100 Crores in number, not only serves as an income source for business and trade companies but also provides employment opportunities for the unemployed in huge number. This organization which was called as Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has been given the name ‘Aadhaar’ Project recently. The main objective of this project is to give a special unique identification number to each and every citizen of the country. This project not only provides an employment opportunity for three and half lakh people, but also provides a scope for a business of more than rupees ninety thousand Crores for the fields of software, hardware, banking, telecom in the first five years. A brokerage organization, CLS has reported the above statistics in its report. After the first five years also, there is a scope for the business of rupees forty five thousand Crores in those fields because of this project. In the coming years, many companies might have income from UID project as the main income source for them than other projects.

Because of this project, telecom companies can get new subscribers of nearly rupees six Crores. In addition, there is a scope to earn 450 Crores of dollars through mobile charges, ARPU (average revenue per user) and 200 Crores of dollars through mobile phone sales. In the field of banking, 13 Crores of new customers are supposed to add for the existing 24 Crores of customers. It is a part of project’s agenda to make every person with UID to have a bank account. Banks are going to recruit business correspondents in huge number in the remote places where there is no availability of banking services.

In the second stage, there is a scope of business for the handset production companies, mobile payment services, market analytics, business intelligence services and hardware. In the third stage, there is a scope for Rs. 1,200 Crores of market. Because of the total process, there will be recruitment in the fields of systems integration, training, analytics and others at huge level.

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