When can we get Aadhar cards? | First phase of issuing aadhar cards in seven districts is yet to begin

October 2nd, 2010| Uncategorized.

When can we get Aadhar cards? | First phase of issuing aadhar cards in seven districts is yet to begin


The prestigious Aadhar project which was began by the Central Government is yet to start in Andhra Pradesh.  Related authorities are also unable to answer the questions like when is the unique identity cards provided to the citizens of Andhra Pradesh.  7 districts in Andhra Pradesh have been recognized to issue cards but the process is going on in a snail’s pace.  Only tenders have been invited till now.

Authorities have decided to issue Aadhar cards to 3 crore families in Hyderabad, Rangareddy, Adilabad, East Godavari, Anantapur, Chittoor and Srikakulam district under the first phase.  To entrust responsibilities of issuing the cards tenders have been invited recently.  As companies quoted high amounts for this projects authorities are debating over which company should be entrusted the responsibility.  They have decided to have discussions with the companies.  There are suspicions that the authorities are trying to entrust project to favourable groups.  Experts are advising that the project should be entrusted to a company which quoted less and to finish the project as quickly as possible.  Only after completion of issuing the cards in the seven districts under first phase, issuing of cards in other districts does not begin.  Issuing of White ration cards is lined to Aadhar cards and the eligible persons for white cards are worried over issuing of both these cards.  If the process of issuing the cards does not start immediately then the distribution of the cards cannot be completed even in a years time. Aadhar cards are being designed as biometric cards.  In future, the white ration card holder will have to take this card along with him and the dealer will supply the ration including the rice only after taking the thumb impression of the card holder.

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