Achieve coordination between three papers of group -2 in this way | Preparation for both group-2 and group -1 mains on common lines

November 24th, 2010| News.

Achieve coordination between three papers of group -2 in this way | Preparation for both group-2 and group -1 mains on common lines

Main point that has to be followed by applicants of group-2 is coordination between three papers. By this, one can save time and also can prevent unnecessary effort. Tips to be followed to achieve coordination between papers are………….

  • History, polity, Indian and AP Economics are read for paper-2 and paper-3. So, there is no need to put in extra efforts for these subjects in regard to general studies paper. But they have to specially prepare for geography and mental ability subjects.
  • In paper-1, there will be some consideration for geography due to paper-3. Natural resources, agricultural resources, forest resources, forests and their dimension, irrigation system, and other topics present in paper-3 belong to geography subject. So, it is better to prepare on topics other than the above mentioned, for GS geography.
  • Candidates need to have basic awareness on geography.
  • Command on physical geography, economical geography, social geography topics is needed.
  • For physical geography, mineral and their available places in India, rank of India in the availability of particular mineral, rivers and their regions, highest points and deepest points, oceans, neighboring countries and other related information has to be gathered.
  • For social geography, urbanization, population-different cultures, their native regions, and other related topics have to be noted.
  • For economical geography, information regarding irrigation projects, their goals, agricultural land, main crops, their native regions, crop productivity and others will be helpful.
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