Additional 1705 seats in IITs | Number of seats in each branch of IIT

April 7th, 2010| Education.

Additional 1705 seats in IITs
* Total number increases to 10 thousand.
* Competing candidates are 4.72 lakhs.
* Entrance test conducted on 11th April 2010.

Total number of seats in Indian Institute of Technologies (IITs) is going to increase to ten thousand. Presently there are 8, 295 seats in total in 15 branches of IIT and two related institutes. By 2010-11 academic year, another 1, 705 seats are to be increased by permitting new branches. Of the 32 engineering branches of IIT, the core branches like electronics and communications, electrical, mechanical and computer sciences have got much demand. Seats are to be increased in these branches. 4. 72 lakh candidates have applied for the common entrance test conducted nation wide, on 11th April. Though, the test is conducted in two papers of time 3 hours, the total marks will be changed this year. Last year the test is conducted for the total of 480 marks, which increases to 489 marks this year. Of the 3, 884, 977 candidates who attempted the test last year, only 10, 035 students have got admission into IITs. It is noticeable that out of the 2, 426 south Indian students admitted into IITs, 2000 are from Andhra Pradesh. Admissions of IIST Tiruvanantapuram, were based on this test last year, but this year I-SAT is conducted on 16th April, for the admissions in this institute.

* Neglect unread topics…
* Tips given by the experts to get success in IIT entrance test….

Don’t go to the new topics which are not covered till now. Study the basics of every chapter. All the questions can be answered if well versed with basics. Compendium should be read carefully before the test. This makes the problem solving easier. Don’t try to get answers to all the questions in the paper. Chemistry is the scoring subject in the test. Follow the order, Chemistry-Physics-Maths, while answering the question paper, for better results. Minimum 60% marks are necessary to get admission into the desired branch of desired IIT. There is a chance of getting admission in any of the IIT if 50% marks are scored. Cut off marks are expected to be set at 175, this year.

* Get command on concept
It is not a difficult task to get a seat in IIT if expert faculty is available and a good plan is followed. It is necessary to get command over the concepts. This is an objective type of test and students should not forget about the negative marking for wrong answers.

Number of seats in each branch of IIT
Mumbai- 746
Guvahati- 498
Kanpur- 702
Kharagpur- 1,138
Madras- 713
Roorky- 1,013
Bhuvaneshwar- 120
Gandhinagar- 120
Hyderabad- 120
Patna- 120
Punjab- 120
Rajasthan- 120
Indore- 120
Mandi (Himachal Pradesh) – 120
IT-BHU (Varanasi) – 881
ISMU (Dhanbad) – 923