Admissions in Kasturba Medical Colleges can be done by writing ENAT 10 | ENAT Model Question paper pattern | Merit list in www.

February 19th, 2010| Education.

Admissions in Kasturba Medical Colleges can be done by writing ENAT  10 | ENAT Model Question paper pattern | Merit list in www.

The admission into such renowned college is through entrance test. Those candidates whose date of birth is on or before 31st December 1993 are eligible for the courses of MBBS/ B.Pharmacy/Pharm-D offered in this college. They should have passed 10 + 2 or its equivalent with English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects. A minimum of 55% marks should be obtained in the group subjects. Admission is based on the National Admission Test (ENAT-10 EPSI National admission test) conducted by the Education promotion society for India. Only those candidates who secure not less than 50 marks in the physics, chemistry and biology together are eligible for the MBBS/ BDS courses. A few seats are allotted for the candidates selected by the Karnataka Entrance Authority.

Candidates can apply for admission under the General as well as foreign/NRI quota. Time duration for the entrance test is 2 hours. As a part of the test, 240 multiple choice questions will be given. The division of the questions will be more or less as mentioned. 60 from physics, 60 from chemistry, 80 from biology, 40 from English and general aptitude. There are no negative marks. Every correct answer is given one mark. With regard to the 10 + 2, the questions will be from the related subjects. Syllabus can be downloaded from the website www. And also ENAT -10 results can be found at this website. Test centers are at Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Bangalore and Chennai.

This year the test is conducted between April 1st and May 20th. Candidates can choose the dates of their choice. On the basis of the score in the ENAT-10 test conducted by the Manipal University, the merit list will be kept in the website before 25th May. These merit lists are announced separately for MBBS/ BDS, B Pharmacy courses. If two students get same marks in the entrance test then preference is taken according to the marks obtained in the related subjects. Order of preference will be like ENAT biology, physics and chemistry and lastly marks got in the 10 + 2. Every student who gets admission into MBBS and BDS courses is given a laptop freely.

Model Examination Question Paper Pattern

  • Questions will be in jumbling system.
  • Generally students who get rank below 2000 will get seat here.
  • Last year students who scored 150 out of 240 marks got medicine seat here.
  • This is the only College to take students into Medical college on the basis of online entrance test.
  1. The angle between the vectors (+ ) and ( + ) is  (Ans: 3)

1) 300 2) 450 3) 600 4) 900

2. In soap bubble, colouration is obtained when illuminated by white light due to

(Ans: 4)

1) diffraction 2) refraction 3) scattering  4) interference

3. The molecule which has T- shaped structure is  (Ans: 2)

1) NH3 2) ClF3 3) PCl3 4) BCl3

4. A compound has three chiral carbon atoms. The number of possible optical isomers it can have is (Ans: 1)

1)8   2) 6   3) 4   4) 3

5. In angiosperms, the endosperm is  (Ans: 2)

1) polyploid  2) triploid  3) diploid  4) haploid

6. The vacuole in the plant cell contains (Ans: 2)

1) tonoplast   2) cell sap   3) stroma  4) matrix

7. Night blindness is caused due to the deficiency of   (Ans: 1)

1) Vitamin A  2) Vitamin B  3) Vitamin E  4) Vitamin K

8. Blood group  O has  (Ans: 2)

1) no antibodies  2) no antigens 3) A or B antibodies  4) A or B antigens

9. The synonym of  PROGNOSIS  is  (Ans: 4)

1) scheme  2) forecast  3) preface  4) identification

10. Choose the correct sentence.  (Ans: 4)

1) They are waiting for her since morning.

2) They were waiting for her since morning.

3) The waited for her since morning.

4) They have been waiting for her since morning.

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