Adolescence – Transitions between childhood to adult | Psychological changes in adolescents and ways to cope up with them

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Adolescence – Transitions between childhood to adult | Psychological changes in adolescents and ways to cope up with them

Adolescence, sometimes referred to as teenage is the transition period between childhood to maturity. At this time they are not either kids or grown up persons. They have the qualities of both the stages. It is the responsibility of the parents to provide the much needed support to the children at this stage. Many changes take place in kids physically and psychologically in this transition period. The behavior of the children at this stage may be inconvenient to themselves and the people around. Teenage children feel that they are now fully grown up and they are anxious to express their opinions. They want the parents and elders to respect their opinions. Children are in the misconception that they know everything. They always say that they are not kids and they know everything. They feel elders are unnecessarily worried about them. There would be ego clashes between parents and children because of unnecessary arguments. Children are even ready to make mistakes to get noticed. Sometimes this leads to harmful consequences.

AdolescenceSymptoms of teenage

  • Children want everybody to notice them
  • There is a change in the way they talk
  • Children eat very less quantity of food and very few varieties.
  • They try to be stylish
  • They observe whether everybody is looking at them or not
  • Children want to be on their own
  • They try to go out alone
  • They want to take their own decisions
  • They choose new friends
  • Teenagers behave somewhat strangely
  • They are very sensitive
  • Teenagers want to enjoy life
  • They want the cooperation of the parents but their ego stop them from approaching the parents
  • They want answers for questions like what is life

An important stage

There is a change in the attitude of the children because of the changes in the hormones. This change is natural to all the teenagers worldwide. Try to be patient, in solving the problems of the children at this stage. Talking harshly may hurt them. They may feel depressed. These developments may divert them to take a sidetrack. But psychologists feel that if family values, traditions and customs are followed, this type of feelings may not develop in children.

Teenage is the stage where more importance is given to the friends than to the parents. Social skills are developed in children because of friends. Anxiety to prove themselves, sharing every feeling with the friends, trying to develop leadership qualities, personality development setting goals in education etc are the positive effect. There is also an equal chance to get spoiled by the effect of friends. Teenage is an important stage to develop the personality. So parents must try to correct the children with affection not by ordering them. Children should be treated as friends.

The hearts of children are fragile. Parents should try not to break them. Then kids will also feel that they have overcome the problem. Children may face trouble if they are not guided properly. Respect the independent decisions of children. Move closely with the children. Do not give them a chance to approach bad friends for company. Discuss everything with them. This helps them to develop capacity to understand realities and to think rationally. Children should be a part of the family not opponents of the elders. Do not unnecessarily argue with them. Do not ever try to dominate them.

Parents – Teenage

The changes in the behavior of children when entering teenage are a cause of concern and anger to the parents. But this is not the correct method to deal with the children. Parents should think of their teenage and the changes it brought in them.  Their behavior in teenage and the trials of their parents should be remembered. Then parents can give children, a chance to express their feelings freely. If parents could lead their children in correct path, solutions to the problems are very easy to find.  Then parents as well as the children can say ‘warm welcome to teenage’.

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