ADOPTION OF ORPHANS Procedure | Adoprtion Rules & Regulations, Process

November 10th, 2009| How To, News.

For adoption of a orphan child, the application should be submitted to the adoption agency which is recognized by the Government of India. The representative of the agency will visit the parents house i.e., who have applied for child adoption. They will observe the parents house, and surroundings and their living style for some time. The candidate who has applied for a child on the adoption policy, he has to furnish the documents related to his age, Marriage and Property particulars to the adoption agency. Further the application is sent to Central Adoption Resources Agency (CARA) for examination. After scrutiny of the application by the CARA, they will issue the no objection certificate. On receipt of the NOC with fifteen days a petition will be filed by the agency before the related court. After conducting of proceedings on the petition the court will pass the adoption decree order. At this stage the adoption procedure will be ended.

FLI070After observing all the said procedure a orphan child is available to the applicant on adoption basis. Therefore the applied person should have more patience in the matter. In adoption law there are some problems. Since we are not having uniform law on the adoption procedure, for adoption policy main reference is Hindu Manovarti Act, 1956. But this act useful only in cases of give and take of children on the adoption policy related to Hindu religion only. To find out the Orphans religion is not possible, so to get adoption through this act is not possible in all cases. But the conditions imposed on adoption policy in this act are very consolidate and in perfect manner.

In addition to this act, further the Guardians & wards Act 1890 and Juvenile Justice Act 2000 have mentioned about the adoption policy issues. These three acts explanations are not coinciding on the issue of adoption . Therefore it is found that the adoption act is not clear and it is still in the confuse status. However there is no necessity to fear against the present adoption policy. The adoption agencies will provide necessary guidance in the matter. In Andhra Pradesh State four recognized adoption agencies are available (3) at Hyderabad and one is available at Kakinada. The adoption procedure may examine the candidate who came forward to seek adoption and his patience. The aim of adoption ultimately provides good result.