AFMC exam is easier than EAMCET and differences between EAMCET and AFMC

January 5th, 2011| Education.

AFMC exam is easier than EAMCET and differences between EAMCET and AFMC

  • Keplar laws and magnetic waves should be studied in physics and they are the extra topics.
  • In chemistry, students should study concentrated chemistry, chemistry of biological sciences, polyhydric alcohols and chemistry in action.
  • Human genetics disorder, human skeleton, digestive, respiratory, circulatory, nervous, excretory, productive and endocrine systems, sense organs and development, common human diseases, drugs addiction and human evolution should be studied by the state syllabus students. 8 questions may be asked from these topics.
  • In botany, differentiation, organ formation, growth, movement, photo morphogenesis, phytochrome, plasmid, extra nuclear genes, viral genes and linkage maps should be studied. Three questions will be asked from this topics.

Number of questions asked from various topics in AFMC


  • In physics, 12 are asked from mechanics, 4 from oscillations and waves, 6 from ray optics and physical optics, 14 from electricity and magnetism, 7 from modern physics, 3 from heat and thermodynamics and 4 questions are asked from properties of matter.
  • In chemistry, 2 questions are asked from atomic structure, 2 from periodic table, 2 from chemical bonding, 4 from stoichiometry, 3 from hydrogen and its bonding, 12 questions from groups, 14 from organic chemistry, 3 from thermodynamics and 8 questions from physical chemistry.

Differences between EAMCET and AFMC:

Time duration of exam 3 hours 2 hours
Maximum marks 160 200
Subjects Botany, zoology, physics and chemistry. Each one are asked for 40 marks. 50 marks for biology, 50 for physics, 50 from chemistry, 25 marks for reasoning, logic, general knowledge and 25 marks for English and comprehension.
Evaluation One mark for each correct answer One mark for each question which is correct
Negative marking No negative marking 1/3rd mark is cut for wrong answer
Selection process 75% of EAMCET weightage and 25% of inter marks Written marks, interview and medical test
Types of questions 6 types of matching, sequence, A/R, statement, link, simple MSQ type All are simple MSQ type, easy questions compared to EAMCET

General knowledge, Logic and reasoning, English language and comprehension are not asked in EAMCET but they will be in asked in AFMC.