Agriculture Tourism in Maharastra, India | Saguna Bagh & Baramati

March 26th, 2013| News, Travel.

Saguna BaghIn Maharastra, near to Malgav village (Neral district),’ Sagunabagh’ spread over 55 acres is found for the tourists. On seeing it every tourist feels happy. The motive behind the farm is to implement the Gandhian policies on the desire of well known Freedom fighter Hari Kaka.

This farm represents the life of farming community. If any farmer sees this farm place he won’t leave this farm. To understand about the farming works and as part of tourism always the people will visit the farm in large scale. Always with crowed people the Sugunabagh seems very attractive. Chandra Sekhar S/o Hari Kaka has informed that the people who are visited this farm will participate in their sponsor programs and learn about skills in the farming and on other related issues and they take their rest in their farm. Presently the works of Sagunabagh are supervising by him.

If any body wants to see the Gobar gas plant , fish cultivation and participation in these activities they must visit Sagunabagh.

Further the Agriculture Tourism Development Corporation, Agriculture Farm, Baramati occupied in 110 acres is also very important farm and attraction to the tourists for visiting.

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