Agriculture tourism places in Maharastra and Goa

October 3rd, 2012| Travel.

Agriculture tourism places in Maharastra and Goa:


Really to speak this is a wonderful and peaceful tourism centre. On the bank of the calmly running “Vitharini” river, within good atmosphere and very nearer to Bombay the arrangements for tourism have been made in this farm. This tourist centre is located in the 15 acres of land. The area is very peaceful. Further the tourists have to feel as farmers, it means they have to prepare their day meal in the farm only. For this they have to search for the vegetables and fruits in the garden and obtain. The city people who are attract with this procedure always interested to visit this farm.

In this farm the rain water protection and maintenance is very systematic and organizing successfully. With these the developing of butterflies activity is very interesting and beautiful. The Aseem Gokarn, from the village and settled in the Bombay after his marriage, has intended to start this farm so as to educate his son and others. Exclusively for the Corporate office staff, groups, workshops, Yoga classes all programs will be conducted in this farm only on the style of Gurukulam. The candidates who are interested to see this farm can visit through their office or independently with family members so as to enjoy the facilities.


The people who are fed with public stress they can stay very peacefully in between the gardens of Mango, Kaju, (jeedi) and Coconut (DAPALI) and in the different music sounds of birds. This opportunity has been provided by the Konkan Tourism, Mahasangh. To avoid rush of hotels, the tourist can stay in the local peoples houses and they can see the surrounds of these place and return with happy moods.


The tourists are under impression that Goa means beaches and sea bathing only. The Savai gardens will introduce the other angle to the tourists. 200 years back, these gardens have situated 25 Km from Panaji and spreader in 100 acres land. In these gardens 200 types of different agricultural farm works are found by the tourists. The tourist can stay in the Mud houses available in the gardens. In the menu the Fish items are made available on the style of “Hindu Saraswath”. With fruits, and cosmetics smell the surrounds are filled. Stay at this place means providing rest to the body and mind.