Airtel Local & STD Calls rates are at 50 Paise / Min only

September 20th, 2012| Prices.

Bharati Airtel has announced the Airtel Advantage Offer.� In that scheme, all STD (National Long Distance Calls) / local call rates will be Rs.0.50/min only. It is very useful to all 11 crore Airtel subscribers. Airtel has got 1 lakh towers, 15 lakhs retail distributors, and it is covering 4.25 ciies, towns, villages in the India. Out of 40 crore Indian cell phone consumers, 11 crore customers are belong to AIRTEL only. That means 1 out of 4 mobiles is using Airtel Network.� An average of Airtel usage, it is found that 95% of Airtel users are calling other Airtel mobiles of India only. TATA DOCOMO has introduced the pay per second scheme. So, this Airtel scheme is the counter for that TATA plan. We have to wait and see what the other mobile network people like Reliance, Vodafone are going to offer for the customers. So, every paisa counts in INDIA. It happens in India.