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For historical constructions Ajmeer city is very famous. It is located in Rajasthan state.

Ajmeer DargaOn hearing the name of the Sufi Master (Pravaktha) Khaja Moinuddin, the tourists automatically gain remembrance about the city Ajmeer. The khaja toured the entire world and finally settled at this place. For use of Sufi master (Pravakta) this darga was constructed. Every year Urs celebrations will be conducted at this darga. Thousands of devotees and visitors will be participated in these celebrations. The Ajmeer is the centre for Education and cultural. The Ajmeer city was built din in the 7th century under the supervision of Ajaipal Chowhan .

The Ajmeer city was ruled by the Delhi sultans, MOHALLs, MARTIs and British people. In the summer this place is very hot and seems as a Fire Lava. In the season of winter severe coldness is experienced. To see this city from July to March are more convenient months for the tourists. The Rajasthan people can speak the Hindi, English languages. The Ajmeer city is famous for sweets. The tourist will enjoy the sweets and at the time their return they can purchase some sweets for their relatives and bring with them.

In 14 century this Brahma temple was built. This was located to the upper portion of Pushkara Sarassu . The Saraswathi w/o Lord Brahmma, the Charit peacock figure will be found on the walls of temple on different positions. These figures will be found as attractive by the tourists. In the entrance door of Brahma temple his chariot Hamsa figure which has been curved as sculpture will be found and it is the most attraction for the visitors. The sculpture of Gayatri devi, and Lord Siva temple are available in that place.

To control the Ajmeer city, the then kings has expanded their culture and education through their Universities. On the same lines the Mayo College was established by the British rulers. The king of Mangal singh is the first student in that College. The students who are joined in this college have paid their fees on the strength of Horses, Servants and property, possessed by them. Training has been given for the games of Polo, Horse riding, Cricket, Hockey, shooting, foot ball etc. One museum is also available at this college place.

Taraghar is very nearer to Qilla. In the 12th century who stood in the hearts of lakhs of people as brave hero, Prudhviraj Chowhan statue is very famous and it should be seen by every body.

This temple is a Digambara (naked) Jain Mandir. This temple will be called as Golden temple. From the side of the temple there is a big hall. In that hall the stories related to Jain history on the wooden sculptures will found and covered with gold. Sony Jeeki Nasiyal is the name of the historical place.

How to reach Ajmeer from JAIPUR & Driving directions

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Driving directions to Ajmer, Rajasthan
133 km – about 2 hours 19 mins
Jaipur, Rajasthan
1. Head south-west on Tilak Marg towards Jamnalal Bajaj Marg
0.7 km
2. Turn right at Bhawani Singh Rd
0.5 km
3. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit
0.7 km
4. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Hawa Sarak Rd
1.3 km
5. Turn left at NH 8
129 km
6. Turn left at NH 79
0.1 km
7. Take the 1st right to stay on NH 79
0.8 km
Ajmer, Rajasthan

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