Allotment of Marks in VRO & VRA Exam

February 1st, 2012| Education.

Nearly 11 Lakhs candidates are competing for the VRO and VRA exams which are to be held on 19th Feb 2012. There is severe competition for 1172 VRO posts. There are 6063 VRA posts in Andhra Pradesh. There is much demand for VRO exams when compared to VRA post because of the difference in salaries, positions and other factors. Even though the minimum eligibility to apply for VRO posts, most of the applicants are graduates and post graduates.

Allotment of Marks

Village places and village environment will be allotted 30 marks out of 100 marks in VRO & VRA exam. Another 30 marks will be allotted for mathematics subject, 10 marks for logical reasoning and remaining 30 marks for general studies.

Extent of general studies syllabus is vast. 8 to 10 questions are expected from contemporary issues from this subject. That means, for the remaining 20 marks, students have to study wide range of topics under this subject.

Common mistake of most of the applicants

Most of the candidates applying for VRO and VRA posts are concentrating only on GS subjects. They are giving less importance for village regions – life style, arithmetic and logical reasoning topics. This is not the correct procedure. If proper plan is followed, one can attain even 80 out of 80 marks.

Only after getting command on the above topics, one should come to GS subject. That means, he or she needs to concentrate on all the questions of social sciences till tenth class. Candidates need to keep in mind that they should put 20% effort for 80% syllabus and put 80% effort on 20% syllabus. Hence, they should give priority to the 80% syllabus for scoring better marks in VRO & VRA Exam.

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