Analyzing Group – I Preliminary question paper which helps in preparation of Group – 2 exam, Paper – I | Section wise analysis of the question paper

September 15th, 2010| Education.

Analyzing Group – I Preliminary question paper which helps in preparation of Group – 2 exam, Paper – I | Section wise analysis of the question paper

Group – I preliminary exam conducted by Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission has concluded.  Group – I question paper is important for candidates who are appearing for       Group – 2 exam.  Analyzing this question paper helps to understand various topics which are helpful for Group – 2 exam.  Basing on these topics, preparation for Paper – I of Group – 2 exam can be planned.

A candidate whose aim was to get a job in Group – I, worked very hard for more than 2 years.   He keenly studied every book.  He even took training.  He appeared for the exam and the key showed up to 75 marks.  He learnt that the cutoff mark could be 84, 84.  He could not understand where he went wrong.  Another candidate studied all the standard books.  Appeared for Group – I preliminary exam for practice purpose.  And the candidate is confident of getting more than 90 marks.

  • There are candidates who restricted themselves to book information without proper guidance and could not quality in the exam
  • There are candidates who scored good marks in preliminaries with experience from exams like Civils.
  • There are candidates who could not get good marks because of lack of proper preparation.
  • There are also candidates who concentrated more on Mains and were unsuccessful in Preliminaries.

Things to be observed by Group – 2 candidates

Current affairs: In Group – I question paper; current affairs from June 2009 to 15th June 2010 were asked.  They have considered a time period of one year.  So the candidates of Group – 2 should keenly observe the national and international affairs from January 2010.  Remember the incidents date wise.  Current affair questions included questions from Nobel prizes to the Saksharata Bharat.  There is a relationship between questions.  For example –

  • When did solar eclipse occur in 21st century?
  • When was the longest solar eclipse of thousand years occurred?

26 questions were asked in Group – I, but there is a chance that 30-35 questions will be asked in Group – 2.

General Science: In Group – I importance was given to real life biological and physical science questions.

  • What is the reason for permanent hardness of water?
  • What is a pacemaker?
  • Whose characteristic is immobility?
  • Brass is a combination of which metals?

These were school standard questions and there were also some questions from high standards.  There is a need to study the topics in class text books along with an awareness of science application.

48 questions were asked from the General Science in previous year’s Groups – 2 exams.  So this year also, the procedure may be followed.  It is the immediate duty of the Group – 2 candidates to master the information in school level.

General Knowledge: More importance is being given to General Knowledge in these kinds of tests.

  • What is the slogan of State Bank of India?
  • What is the symbol of Andhra Bank?
  • What is the symbol of Doordarshan?

These were some questions asked in General knowledge category.  Aspirants should take a year book and start preparation for the exam.

Polity: Five questions were asked in Group – 1 preliminary.  Group – 2 will have 75 questions for 75 marks and so the preliminary test should not be taken as a standard.  So study political history and other political topics deeply.  Concentrate of various amendments and important Judgments of Supreme court.  Questions can be asked on planning commission, National Development counsel, Central Ministries etc.

Geography:  Questions asked on Geography in Group – 1 preliminary are 24 and 15 questions are based on world geography.  As usual questions were asked on solar system, planets and earth.

  • Where is Tweed valley located?
  • Which is the highest mountain in Africa?
  • Which is the biggest Bauxite mine in Australia?

Candidates found questions like this a bit difficult but these are school standard questions. There is a chance that 40 questions may be asked in Group – 2 exam and so concentrate on continents.  Good marks can be scored if attention is paid to map pointing and other important information given in class text books.

Do not estimate that since only 6 questions are asked in Indian Geography in Group – I exam same will be repeated in Group – 2.  There is a chance that 20 questions from Indian and Andhra Pradesh Geography may come in the Exam.  6, 7, 8 and 9th class text books are a good sources of information.

Mental Ability:  16 questions were asked in Group – I and most of them were very common questions.  Groups – 2 candidates should not limit themselves to these model questions.  At least 30 questions will be asked in the exam and so practice various models.  Give equal importance to Arithmetic and reasoning.

History:  Of the 28 questions asked in Group – 1, ten questions were from Andhra Pradesh history.  Group – 2 will have a 75 question divisions in paper – 2, and so at least 25 questions may be asked in General Studies paper.

  • People of Harappa had international relationships with which country?
  • What is the age of Akbar at the time of coronation?

If the questions are observed, it can be found out that 80% of the questions were from the previous year question paper.  So practice old question papers.

Indian economy: 16 questions were asked in Group – 1 General Studies.  Questions are all of general standard.

  • Financial crisis in 1990 – 91
  • 9.5% growth rate target is related to which field?
  • Which is the famous method of recruiting candidates in Government and private sectors?

These were some questions asked and reading news papers is enough is answer such questions.  Group – 2 candidates should prepare the prescribed syllabus and also observe the current affairs.  Each economic related subject should be studied carefully in every angle.  Do not prepare questions from two or three books and from economic surveys since questions were asked from them.  Comparative study of world, Indian and Andhra Pradesh economy is important.

Group – I preliminary question paper…  Section wise

Subject Marks Things to be observed
Current affairs 26 Importance is given to byheart capacity of the candidate.

Candidates faced problems as there were many questions asked

about dates

General Science 23 Questions were of general standard as well as high standard
General Knowledge 12 Importance of General Knowledge has increased as expected.

4 questions related to symbol of currencies were asked

Polity 5 Importance of constitutional matters has decreased
Geography 24 15 questions from world Geography, 3 from Andhra Pradesh Geography and 6 from Indian Geography were asked.  Most of the questions are of school standard
Mental Ability 16 Standard of questions are easier when compared to previous year Group – I paper.
History 28 18 questions from Indian History and 10 from Andhra Pradesh history are asked
Economy 16 Questions were not asked in these standards before.  This is an indication of growing importance of Economy