Andhra CM might be missed in Nallamala Forest

September 3rd, 2009| News.

It is cleared that Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chopper is missing in the Nallamala Forest. Then the question is what happened to Helicopter? Is it landed safely? Is YSR is safe? Let us, assume helicopter is landed safely. Then where is the YSR? Why there is no message from them? Why they didn’t reach any end of that Nallamala forest? Or why they didn’t reach any road in Nallamala forest, or they didn’t find any village? And why the signals are getting from them? It can be due to thick forest, or bad weather. If we think in other direction, it might be crashed? If so, where are the traces of helicopter damage? It is already 24 hrs, after missing Andhra  CM Dr.YSR missing. Why we didn’t trace any thing about him? So, there might be another chance to fall the helicopter in back water of Srisailam Dam, which is 100 KM in length, and 80 feet in depth. If it is in this back water, this answer clears many questions of the above. ISRO also taken 41 pictures to find the traces of metallic body of helicopter. But no use of those photos. So all these situations confirm that the helicopter is in backwater only. It looks all this  showing the very dangerous situation, which we should not expect. Hope Mr. YSR and the team will come soon safely. But the situation is not favourable. Let us not hear any bad news about YSR and the team.

Nallamala Forest Map:

nallama forest map

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