Andhra Pradesh Schools and their information on click | Details of one lakh school made available online

July 1st, 2010| Education.

Andhra Pradesh Schools and their information on click | Details of one lakh school made available online

According to free right of children for free and compulsory education, every school should provide admission for the children in the neighborhood. There should be no rejection based on any reason. Even if it is government school or private school, this law applies. Then what are the schools present in your neighborhood? Do you want to know the facilities present in them? Now it is very much easy. One can get full details of the schools just by few clicks on internet. Regardless of government or private schools, we can get information of more than one lakh schools present across the state.

It is made possible by geo special mapping/ school mapping (GSM) which will be offered by Rajiv Vidya Mission (RVM). Primary school within one kilometer and high school within three kilometers of the residence should be present compulsorily. If there is no school within the specified distance, government has to take necessary actions. This GSM will be help to know many details including the distance between two schools and to know if they are present within one kilometer from the residence. Details of 1,00,986 schools can be known by this service. Details of government, private, aided, unaided, municipal, tribal and other category schools of primary, primary higher……, higher and higher secondary schools collected by RVM are added with the technical support from Nation informatics center to create GSM. This technology has been completed by now and it is in testing stages. It will be made available to the general public under a special website address.

Necessity of establishing schools can be known…..

According to right to education law, for every 30 students there should be one teacher in primary schools and in primary higher….. the same ratio should be 35: 1 and in the high schools, it should be 40:1. By school mapping, it is possible to know if there are these numbers of teachers in those schools. By this, necessity of establishment of new schools can be known by education department and it also helps to adjust the numbers of teachers in the schools of more students. This information will also be useful to provide infrastructure in government schools.

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