Animation career | Courses offered by Manipal Education in animation field

August 22nd, 2010| Education.

Animation career | Courses offered by  Manipal Education in animation field

Animation can be said as giving life to some characters with movements of drawings. The list of animated characters is large and includes Mickey mouse, Donald duck, Tom and Jerry, Jai Hanuman and others. All these are television shows which we see. But they are not confined to it. They have also occupied advertisement field. As per NASSCOM survey, value of animation industry by the year 2008 is 68 billion dollars. With ten percent growth yearly, it is estimated to reach hundred billion dollars by 2012. In this scenario, there is no need to say that the candidates who have done this course will have surplus numbers of employment and career opportunities. Along with entertainment and advertising, they can find employment in other fields like computer/ web based education, publishing, virtual reality in defense, mobile games, medical and others.

To get a career in animation, one needs to complete a related course of three year duration. There is a chance to learn different skills along with digital art and also traditional arts. Manipal Education (www. is offering many courses in this field. Along with three year full time animation course, it also offers diploma in animation film making, advanced diploma in animation, diploma in (animation, VFX, 3D Graphics- Makes and Maya), Certificate in (3D motion graphics – Makes, 3D Character design and Sculpting – Maya, animation, gaming, VFX), advanced Maya Character animation courses.