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December 21st, 2009| News.

Anoos, one of the famous beauty Saloon for women is now offering its services to men also. In 1982 which is started as a beauty Saloon now had its branches all over the world. One of the specialty of this Anoos is it manufacture its own products which are natural and are been exported to foreign countries too.

200 Anoos Men’s saloons in 5yrs…

The development of the Saloon is done in three stages. In the first stage, the third category towns are kept in mind and are developed in franchise model. In the second stage, the development is seen in metro cities, and other important areas which are conducted by Anoos itself. Anoos is planning to increase its branches to 200 by the next coming 5yrs. In this process nearly 50 Saloons are been started by the year 2011. Later on the same will go on in the north also. There are many offers for Anoos to join hands with the companies in starting this new venture of Saloons.

Craze in America…

The Anoos services are attracting not only Indian women but also foreign women too. The number of customers is increasing day by day because of the usage of organic products. Nearly 15 members came forward for the franchises. But Anoos is planning to develop its branches in America only after in India.

Men’s Saloon…

Anoos is not only offering its services to women but even men can utilize their services in the Anoos Men Saloon in a few days. Now day’s even men are very conscious about the beauty and are going to parlors for treatments. For such people Anoos is offering the services to the whole family. The idea of beauty parlor for men is been put into practice in a few days.

In order to expand the branches Anoos is trying to get the amount from the private equities and trails are been started for this process.

Achieve 25% improvement…

The beauty world is developing 15% for every year. No MNC can compete with this beauty world. The IV PRO Technology which is using for the removal of extra hair is only used by Anoos in India and no other beauty Saloon offers this treatment. The depression in the income showed 10% of its effect and by the next year there may be 25% of development and nearly Rs.25 crores of profit is seen.

First in training courses…Anoos International Beauty School

Anoos also started training school for those who want to stand on their own foot by this beauty business. For this training it established Anoos International Beauty School in around 10,000 areas of land. Nearly 30 courses are offering and some of the courses like MSc cosmetology are offering under JNTU recognition. With the support of City and Gills of UK they are offering the courses like beauty therapy and hair dressing. There are many offers for those who prefer this beauty as their career and nearly 100 people are taking beauty course training in foreign countries and those trainees are been appointed in the Anoos branches and Anoos is planning to provide job to 15-20 members in its branches by the next coming days.

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