What is the Anthiyur fair famous for? | When was the Anthiyur fair started?

October 17th, 2010| In India.

What is the Anthiyur fair famous for? | When was the Anthiyur fair started?


There is Anthiyur village which is 40 kilometers from Chennai and there will be five days animals’ fest every year in august. The number of business people and others who take part in this fair is five lakhs. They will sell all types of animals like horses, bulls, cows, hens and other animals. This fair will take place in 4 square kilometers of area and the people from different areas like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. There will be ten crores of business every year and the fair will take place in the month of august from 11 to 16th.

There will be more than 2000 horses, 35000 cows and more than 20000 goats. The popular people will call this fest as horse’s fair and they will sell more than ten thousand of horses. They range from yen thousand to seven to eight lakhs. There will be all types of horses and there will be racing horses. The people who stay in the surrounding places fell it honor to own a horse. The horses are also a way of income and a person called Kumar is having 26 types of horses. There are five dancing horses in these 26 horses and their price is up to five lakhs. He used to give the horses for rent for the occasions like marriages and he used to charge them Rs.15000.

The people there don’t know the exact period when the fair started and according to some stories they say that it had started in Tippu sultan age. The people in that age started this fair in the honor of Tippu sultan. They started to continue this as the tradition.

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