Application process to study in Germany | Fees in Germany universities | Accommodation and food in Germany

December 7th, 2010| Education.

Application process to study in Germany | Fees in Germany universities | Accommodation and food in Germany

Germany is the right destination for the people who want to travel towards research in engineering. Even though many people are going to Germany, students from India are less. In 2008-2009, 2,50,000 students had studied in Germany but only 3516 are Indians among them.

  • Along with research programs, more than 355 educational institutions are providing 13,500 degree courses.
  • It is equal to study in international institutions if they study in Germany.
  • All the institutes in Germany are recognized.
  • The government will help the institutions in Germany and so the fee is also less.

Popular programs in Germany:
Engineering, chemistry, bio science, business administration and nano science are popular programs in Germany.

Sessions in Germany:
Admissions are done in winter and summer. Winter session is started in October and many admissions are taken. To get the admission in October, candidates should apply in May. The summer session starts in April and they should apply in January or February for the admissions in summer sessions.

Application process to study in Germany:
There are 122 universities in Germany which are having consortium (www. So the people can apply in it or they can directly apply to the university.

Applicants should see that the following checklist is available along with application from the university.

  • Education certificate
  • TOEFL/IELTS score
  • Passport copy
  • SAT/GMAT/GRE score
  • Statement of purpose, college essay and professional interest essay
  • Experience certificate (if required)
  • CV

Fees in Germany universities:
In the institutions which are getting help from the government, the fee is 200 – 600 Euros for semester. In Germany, 90% universities are government aided universities.

Accommodation and food in Germany:
They need to pay 200-300 Euros for the hostel and this amount may vary according to the area and place. In case of private accommodation and sharing, it will be less. There are more Indian stores in Germany and so there is no problem for the food. Everything which is available in India is available in Germany.

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