Apply for ration card in Karaikal-Apply for ration card in Puducherry

May 29th, 2012| How To, In India, Puducherry, Ration Card.

Apply for ration card in Puducherry


In Puducherry, persons having no ration cards are eligible to apply for new ration cards by producing certificate from concerned authority stating that he has no ration card.  Along with the ration card application form, residence proof certificate is to be submitted.

To apply for duplicate ration card in Karaikal, Mahe, Pondicherry in Puducherry, persons has to submit application along with the certificate taken by the concerned fair price shops.  Those who have a ration card at the previous place have to submit the application at new place along with the deletion certificate issued by the concerned authority at previous place. Names of child and spouse can also be added to the existing ration card.

After receiving the application for ration card in Puducherry, concerned officers shall issue an acknowledgement receipt and indicate when the applicant can obtain the new ration card.  The concerned office will verify the address and other information provided in the application form and if satisfied new or modified ration card will be issued.  If rejected, the information will be passed on to the applicant. The Director/Deputy Director, Department of Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs are the departments/offices concerned for issuing ration cards in Puducherry. Application form for ration card can be downloaded from

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