APSRTC is introducing free and discount travel for old age people

October 7th, 2010| In India.

APSRTC is introducing free and discount travel for old age people


Road Transport Corporation is treading the path of social service.  It has come forward to help the elderly in the society.  RTC has decided to provide free transport facility to elderly people for 4 days in a year.  25% discount of ticket rate will be offered on all holidays.  Persons who are above 65 can avail these facilities.  RTC, the famous public transport system has not taken any steps to serve the society till now.  Though it is offering discounts to students, journalists and others as per the order of the Government, this subsidy is not born by RTC.  Government is paying nearly Rs.600 crores to RTC under subsidy given to students and others.  But now RTC has decided to undertake social service programs.  As part of this free transport facilities are being provided to elderly on important holidays and discounts are given on tickets on some more holidays to win the affection of people.  These suggestions were made in the governing body meeting. And it is learnt that some authorities initially opposed these proposals fearing loss for the RTC.

Occupancy ratio of RTC in general days is 69% and on holidays it is falling to 52%.  In this context if senior citizens are given discounts to travel, the occupancy ratio may increase with the attendants of the elderly.  As the attendants have to purchase tickets, there can be no loss for the RTC also.  RTC Governing Body has accepted the proposal to provide free and discounted travel facilities to senior citizens.  Government has also given green signal to these proposals.  Authorities are getting ready to implement these proposals with the final consent of the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh.

Free travel facility

  • International day of older persons (1st October)
  • Gandhi Jayanthi (2nd October)
  • Independence Day (15th August)
  • Republic Day (26th January)

25% discount

  • Sundays and second Saturdays
  • National and state holidays

(Total 57 days per year)

Total Beneficiaries: According to the latest sensex, population of Andhra Pradesh is up to 9 crores.  There is estimation that the number of persons who are more than 65 years of age are around 2.70 crores.  All these people can avail the opportunity to travel for free or on discount in the RTC buses.

Free and discount travel facility for elderly will be implemented first in Hyderabad city in all the RTC buses.  It will be observed if there are any obstacles in the implementation of the facility and then will be implemented all over Andhra Pradesh.  This facility will be introduced within a 15 days from now.

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