APSRTC Supervisory Aptitude section of question paper

November 29th, 2010| Education.

APSRTC Supervisory Aptitude section of question paper

In the supervisory aptitude section, questions about APSRTC will be asked. Along with them, questions related to data sufficiency, data interpretation, venn diagrams, statements and conclusions, decision making, statements assumptions, blood relations, group reasoning, common sense test, logical reasoning and brick test aspects will be asked.

In the data sufficiency division, 20 to 25 questions will be asked.

Example Question: What is the individual speeds of two trains which are of 300 and 400 meters long.

Statement 1: When both the trains come in opposite direction, they cross each other in 10 seconds.

Statement 2: When both travel in parallel, 70 seconds time is taken by a train  to surpass the other.

Answer: When both the statements 1 and 2 are analyzed, speed of the individual trains can be found.

Nearly 10 to 15 questions would be asked from data interpretation topic.

Questions from different topics: 10 from venn diagrams, 12 to 14 from statements – conclusions, 5 from decision making, 4 to 6 from statements – assumptions, 6 from blood relations, 3 to 5 from analytical reasoning, 5 to 6 from common sense test, 3 from logical reasoning and 2 questions from brick test.

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