APSRTC Vennela Isuzu Buses to have LCD TVs-APSRTC Vennela buses will have 24 berths

February 2nd, 2012| News.

APSRTC Vennela Isuzu Buses to have LCD TVs-APSRTC Vennela buses will have 24 berths

APSRTC Vennela Isuzu Buses Charges – APSRTC Vennela Isuzu Buses facilities

APSRTC is introducing Vennela Isuzu buses which will have 24 berths and each berth will have a LCD TV.

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APSRTC Vennela Isuzu buses



Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation – APSRTC is introducing ultra modern AC sleeper buses with the name ‘Vennela’. These buses are promising to provide the feeling of travelling in an aero plane. ‘Vennela’ buses will be introduced in another one week all through Andhra Pradesh. RTC officials have decided to provide ultra modern facilities in these buses.

A few years back, APSRTC has introduced sleeper buses. There was not much response to these buses and so RTC has withdrawn the buses. Nor RTC has decided to buy buses designed by Isuzu Company which are the most ultra modern buses in the world. The price of each bus is Rs. 60 lakhs. These buses have shock absorbers and so there will be no shaking or jolting while travelling in the ‘Vennela’ buses. Each bus is divided into six compartments. Each compartment will contain four berths. There will be total 24 berths in the bus.

Each berth in the ‘Vennela’ bus will have a LCD TV. Headphone system is also set up by connecting to the TV. Passengers can use the headphone to avoid disturbance to others. Each berth will also have a cell and Laptop charger.

Isuzu ‘Vennela’ buses have seven gears and the engine capacity is 230 horse power. This bus can travel with a speed of 130 kmph. Charges for the buses will be Rs. 2.40 per km. Volvo buses charges are Rs. 1.70 per km. Isuzu buses will be introduced in another one week and depending on the passengers response additional buses will be introduced. Isuzu ‘Vennela’ buses will now run between Hyderabad-Shirdi, Bangalore, Visakhapatnam-Bangalore, Visakha-Hyderabad, Vijayawada-Hyderabad, and Tirupati-Hyderabad. Food facility is also provided for the passengers of ‘Vennela’

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