Arithmetic calculations and reasoning skills of a student are considered in competitive exams | Tips to get good marks in reasoning and arithmetic fields

February 8th, 2011| Education.

Arithmetic calculations and reasoning skills of a student are considered in competitive exams | Tips to get good marks in reasoning and arithmetic fields

Arithmetic calculations:

Arithmetic subject is called as quantitative and numerical aptitude in some exams. The main goal of arithmetic is to test the skills of the student in mathematical calculations. This subject also tests the skills of the student for helping them in daily life.

Arithmetic calculations are important:

Mathematics is present internally in many subjects like physics, economics and chemistry. Calculations are required in many aspects like higher education etc. Mathematical knowledge is required for calculations in many aspects in life.

Topics to be concentrated in arithmetic:

Number system, HCF, LCM, percentages, ratio and proportion, averages, profit and loss, partnership, time- work, simple and compound interests, time –distance, allegation and mixer, probability, data interpretation, plane mensuration, solid mensuration, number series, algebra, permutations and combinations and data interpretation topics should be concentrated.

Tips for good marks in arithmetic:

Fundamentals are very important to excel in these subjects and they should practice these formulae as they are derived. Principles and basic formulae related to the topics should be known. Shortcut methods are not suitable for solving the problem. Concentration on basic formulae and concepts is gained by practicing old test papers. By considering few exams, we can say that averages, percentages, ratio and proportion, data sufficiency and data interpretation are playing an important role. Gaining the logic and numerical calculations will help to excel in arithmetic. Non- mathematic students will neglect this category but they should remember that every mark in competitive exams play an important role in deciding the final rank.

Objective type questions in arithmetic:

All the exams will be in objective type and experts are telling that skills in arithmetic can be tested well with objective type questions.

Reference books for arithmetic:

  • Quantitative arithmetic – S.L Gulati
  • Quantitative arithmetic – Abijith Gupta

Reasoning importance in competitive exams:

Reasoning will test the skills of the student in reasoning in various situations.

Topics to be concentrated:

Blood relations, seating arrangements, directions, classifications, comprehension, selection based problems are to be concentrated.

Tips in gaining good marks in reasoning:

Increasing the thinking ability is only the way to excel in this field.

Reference books in reasoning:

  • Modern approach to verbal reasoning – R.S Agarwal
  • Analytical reasoning – M.K Pandey

Exams in which reasoning, arithmetic, data interpretation and reading comprehension categories are present are UPSC civil services, APPSC group -1 mains, private and government bank exams, LIC, EPF, ESI, Reserve banks and other exams.

High level education exams like CAT, MAT, ICET, XAT, GMAT, SNAP and GRE are also having these categories.

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