Armed Training Classes in INDU | National Defense College

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Armed Training Classes in INDU | National Defense College

The government of India is planning to setup an Autonomous university called Indian National Defense University (INDU) to teach about the issues related to Security.  They are going to start this university at a place called Binolal in Gurgoov district of Haryana where they are going to teach the lessons to the Indian Soldiers who are going to face the wars.  Their main subject of teaching in INDU is the research and framing the strategies.  They explain about the challenge that has to face related to security. INDU Create synergy between the academic community and government functionaries.  The Central Government thinking that this is going to provide the solutions to the Long-term Defense strategies.  This is going to set up by framing an act in the Parliament.  The government of India is going to spend around 300 crores of rupees to set up INDU and 100 crores are allocated towards the collecting of land.

Existed teaching Institutions

Some of the government institutions like National Defense college ( New Delhi), College of Defense Management( Secunderabad ), National Staff college ( Willington) and National Defense Academy( Pune) are solving the needs of the protection that is needed for the educational institutions. The INDU University that is coming forward to look after all the newly established institutions, which are having the relations with the other Universities. Army forces, investigation departments and other security forces are having connections with the INDU.

National Defense College

The National Defense College is started in the capital New Delhi by our first President in the year 1960 April 27. This is one of the biggest colleges in all over Asia. The training is given by the senior defense officers and makes the students as a fully-fledged trainers and soldiers. They create awareness about the dangers that are there in the future from the inside and outside the countries.