Artificial colours used in food products cause many health problems | Children should be encouraged to take food made with fresh fruits and vegetables

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Artificial colours used in food products cause many health problems | Children should be encouraged to take food made with fresh fruits and vegetables

Artificial colours used in food products

Artificial colours are used in cakes, candies etc to attract the customers.  Vendors use artificial colours to increase their sales of fruits and vegetables.  Colours influence the appetite of human beings.  But usage of artificial colours damages the health of children as well as elders, explain the nutritional experts.

A meal made in various colours of fruits and vegetables is very beneficial for the health.  For example yellow and orange colours give energy to the mind.  Carrot, pumpkin, mango etc that contain beta keratin has this power of activating the brain.  Various dark coloured fruits and vegetables have various qualities.  Using artificial colours, in place of natural fruits and vegetables, damage health.  This is particularly not good for children.

Artificial colours are used in sweets, fruit juices, gels etc.  Artificial colours are made out of petro chemicals.  Orange colour is generally used to give colour to sweet recipes like Ravvakesari. Usage of red, blue and dark yellow colours is also more.  Children who consume sweet, junk and fast food with artificial colours face behaviour problems and other problems of growth.  Studies have revealed that there would be more ill effects in the long run and children lose concentration.

To avoid bad effects of artificial colours
Keep away from candies, biryani and sweets.  Red colour that is used in these causes some types of allergies and chronic diseases like thyroid.  Usage of dark red colour caused deadly cancer and other genetic problems.  To make the food attractive instead of using artificial red colour, carrot and beet root which are available in natural dark colours can be used.

Usage of light and dark blue colour is more in India in food products like milk, milk products, fruit juices and ice creams.  This colour is used to make birthday cakes and candies attractive.  Dangerous tumours are formed in brain due to blue1 and blue2 colours.  Red rashes may appear on the skin.  This colour may cause skin related and other chronic allergies.  Cherries, strawberry etc can be used instead of artificial colours.

Green colour is used while cooking green peas, gel, kulfis, paneer recipes, cakes and jams.  Excess use of this colour causes asthma and cancer.

Do not lollypops, chocolates made with artificial colours as birthday gifts to children.  Instead present them with beautifully designed notebooks, pencils and home-made biscuits in which no artificial colour is used.

Give importance to fruit juices to which lemon juice is added.  Do not take cool drinks.  Colourful plates and containers can be used in marriages and parties to make the food attractive.

Children should be explained the harmful effects of artificial colours.  If possible teach them how to make birthday cakes artistically with fresh fruits.  Minimize the usage of artificial colours.  Food cooked with fruits and vegetables in various colours is good for the health.

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