Assistant Executive Engineers notification from APPSC | Written exam pattern and model paper examples of Assistant Executive Engineers exam of APPSC

November 16th, 2010| Education.

Assistant Executive Engineers notification from APPSC | Written exam pattern and model paper examples of Assistant Executive Engineers exam of APPSC

APPSC has released notification for recruiting candidates as Assistant Executive Engineer posts in departments like Irrigation, CAD, Roads and Buildings, Public health etc. Total number of vacancies in all the departments is 1224.  This is supplemental notification to original notification released earlier in 2008. As the number of posts is more, candidates can get a government job by preparing well for the examination.

Assistant Executive Engineers notification released by APPSC is a good opportunity for civil, electrical and mechanical candidates.  90% of the total posts are for this branch of candidates only.  As per AEE-2010 notification, Civil – 880, Electrical – 163, Mechanical – 92, Instrumentation – 30, Agriculture – 47 jobs are there. Selection procedure will be in two stages.  One is written exam and the other is interview.  Depending on the performance of candidates in the written exam, candidates are called for interview in the ratio 1:2.

Written exam pattern

Written exam will consist of 3 papers.  Paper-1 is common for all candidates.  This paper will have 150 questions for 150 marks.  Time duration will be 150 minutes.  This paper will contain questions from General Science, Current Events, Indian History, World Geography, Indian Geography, Indian polity and Economy and Mental ability.   Question paper will be in both English and Telugu.

  • It is important for the candidate to work hard in that subject in which he is not very comfortable.  Basing on this he should design a preparation plan.  Concentrate on History, Geography and current event.
  • While studying history, remember the events date wise.
  • There is a chance that questions about national topics depending on international topics may be asked.

Remembering more information is as important as using the information to write the answers in the examination.  Many candidates allot time to gather the information and then worry about studying and understanding it.  Try to gather the information as required and try to revise it more times.

  • If the candidate fails to get minimum marks in General Studies his Paper-2 and Paper-3 will not be considered.  So the candidates should try to get as many marks as possible.  Give importance to revision at the end of preparation for good results.

Few questions that appeared in previous General Studies papers conducted by APPSC –

  • What is the national animal of India?

1.      Tiger 2. Lion 3. Elephant 4. Horse

  • Noble awards were founded in the year

1.      1991

2.       1990

3.      1992

4.      1994

  • National highway that connects Jabalpur, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Madurai is

1.      NH 5

2.      NH 7

3.      NH 8

4.      NH  9

  • Number of seats in Rajya Sabha  for Andhra Pradesh is

1.      18

2.      19

3.      20

4.      21

  • Full form of ‘GATE’ –

1.      Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering

2.      Graduate Aptitude Test in English

3.      Graduate Aptitude Test in Electronics

4.      Graduate Aptitude Test in Electrical

  • What are the rings that store the information in floppy disks called?

1.       Sectors

2.       Ringers

3.       Tracks

4.      Rounders

Paper – 2

Paper – 2 is very important in the written examination.  Mechanical and Civil candidates will have a common paper.  Total 150 questions will be there for 150 marks.  Time duration is 150 minutes.  All the questions will be in multiple choice type.  There will be no negative marks.  Most of the questions come in problem form.  Strength of Materials, Hydraulic Machines, and Fluid Mechanics are the important subjects for these candidates.

Strength of Materials, Fluid Mechanics is the main subjects for Civil and Mechanical candidates.  Formulae in these subjects confuse the candidates.  Understand the formulae well and try to remember them.  For example formulae in Thin Cylinders

  • Hoop Stress formula is Pd/2t
  • Longitudinal Stress is Pd/4t
  • Shear Stress formula is Pd/t

Candidates have to concentrate on such type of formulae.  Practicing previous papers of GATE, IES, and UPSC will be beneficial.  Preparing well for AEE allows the candidates to write the GATE exam well.  This preparation helps to write the two exams well.  Questions in Paper – 2 will be like this –

  • The maximum value of Poission’s Ratio is..

1.      1

2.      0

3.      0.2

4.      0.7

  • The critical depth in rectangular channel is given by the relation…

1.      QT/gA is equal to 1

2.      QT2/gA2 is equal to 1

3.      QT3/gA2 is equal to 1

4.      Q2T/gA3 is equal to 1

For electrical candidates –

Electrical Circuits, Measurements, Electrical Machines, Illumination subjects are the main ones for Electrical engineering candidates in Paper-2.  Circuits is a primary subjects.

  • Electrical Machines is a very key subject.  Questions from this subject will be indirect and complicated. Questions may be asked from Principles, Construction, Performance and Applications.
  • Units, Measurement of Parameters, Properties, errors topics should be practiced in Measurements.
  • Questions from Illumination can be asked on subjects like Units, Laws and Lamps.

Some model questions are …

  • Time constant of energy response in R-L Circuit is

1.      L/R

2.      L/2R

3.      L/3R

4.      L/4R

  • Ina transformer zero regulation occurs at

1.      Leading p.f.

2.      Laging p.f.

3.      Unity p.f.

4.      Any of the above

  • The direction of dynamically induced emf is determined by

1.      Lenz’s Law

2.      Fleming’s Right Hand rule

3.      Both 1 and 2

4.      Fleming’s Left Hand rule

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