Astronomy opportunities through Indian institute of space science technology (IISST)

November 22nd, 2012| Education, Jobs.

India is moving forward in the direction of the space researches in which it is playing an important role. In this context it has decided to train the enthusiastic youth and to encourage them.  It has started “The Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology” (IIST) at Trivandrum. It is giving opportunities for studying from B.Tech to Research.

This institution is running with an aim of giving supportive environment and training in the space programs facing the challenges, and proceeding in the direction of creativity. This is of the object of framing the educational programs with true values and moral values. It is taking steps to work in collaboration with nation wide recognized institutes.

Astronomy opportunities

Indian institute of space science technology

Among the courses offered by this institute, 4 year B.Tech program is famous. This institute is offering Avionics, Aero space engineering and physical sciences courses. A total of 156 seats are present in all 3 categories.

In the subject of B.Tech Avionics, different Electronics and communication programs, advanced electronics in digital and communication, control systems, computer systems used in aero space systems are taught.

Strong foundation are laid for B.Tech physical sciences, science related to space, technology, physics in applications, chemistry, and maths. Also importance is given to the subjects of remote sensing and GIS, Astronomy, Astro physics and earth system sciences.

B.Tech aero space engineering is almost equivalent to the engineering course from reputed colleges. This course is all related to astronomy.

The students of this course can have the opportunity of researching on minor subjects in the 5, 6, 7 semesters. Minor subjects offered are soft computing, dynamic systems, robotics, astronomy, navigation, guidance and control, nano science and others. As a part of course, along with the practical classes there is an opportunity to take part in the researches of ISRO. This has relation with curriculum. Students of three disciplines have this opportunity. They have to participate in two pairs of experiments in batches. Not only this, internship in winter and summer holidays for about 4 weeks is conducted in ISRO. Also there will be students projects. By this one can have total knowledge of astrology by the time the course completes.

Department of space will bare all the fees of students including tuition fee, accommodation charges and food charges. Apart from this, they give Rs. 3, 000 per semester as book allowance. Students who have completed B.Tech are given jobs at ISRO abiding to the rules. So students joining B.Tech here should sign a bond compulsorily. Students should agree that they will work for ISRO for 5 years after the completion of the course. There is a chance of M.Tech and research after completing B.Tech. Adaptive and applied optics, soft computing and machine learning, RF and Micro systems and  chemical systems can be selected in the M.Tech. Three students have registered their names for PhD studies.