Ayyappa Swamy Deeksha / Vratham (Vrutham) Niyamavali (Basic Rules & regulation)

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Ayyappa Swamy Deeksha / Vratham (Vrutham)/ Mala Niyamavali (Basic Rules & regulation)

ayyappa1. You have to take cool water bath twice in a day, that is in the early morning and in the evening.
2. You have to do the pooja twice in a day ( before sunrise and after sunset).
3. You have to wear black dress only.
4. You have to take meals only one time in a day, that too in day time. Night you can have light tiffin. They should avoid eating garlic, onion in their food.
5. You have to walk with bare foot, that is without any footwear during Ayyappa deeksha.
6. You should not say lies. At the same time, you should not hurt other by saying truth.
7. You must do 41 days deeksha.
8. You should not take Non-vegetarian food or alcoholic.
9. You should do the Brahmacharyam(physically and mentally) during these days.
10. You should sleep on the mat only. You should not use any mattress or pillows or bed on the mat.
11. You should give the respect to others. You should call others as ‘Swamy’.
12. You should not talk or see the ladies who is having menses. And women themselves should know that, when they are in menses, they should not come in front of Ayyappas.
13. Less than 10 years girls and more than 50 years women are eligible to wear maala and do the sabarimala yatra.
14. If any death happens in their own family, they have to stop the Ayyappa deeksha, and they can able to start the next Deeksha as per rules, those can be found with temple poojaaris.
15. You can do the poojas in a room separately in your house by keeping PEETAM in your house. Otherwise, without keeping PEETAM, you can visit the AYYAPPA temple daily twice, after bath, can do your pooja in that temple.
16. You you take care o your Mala, it should not get damage during Deeksha time.
17. You should not do any shaving or hair cut or nail cutting.

Who can make the food for swami: Swamies can cook for themselves. Or any other person (male / female) can prepare food for Ayyappa Swamies. But before preparation, they should take head bath.

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