Bal shree program, Bal shree program details

July 25th, 2010| In India.

Bal shree program, Bal shree program details
the national balabhavan selects the students studying in various schools across the country by conducting creative performance, creative art and creative scientific innovations tests. The selected students are divided into three categories:
1. Regional level:
They conduct the camp in the regional school and select two students from each group.
2. zonal level:
The students are selected by the judges in six zones and the camp is for three days.
3. National level:
A four day camp is conducted and the students are selected from the six zones. Nearly 150 students are selected in the national level and experts in the related fields are the judges. 50 students are selected for the award based on the thinking power, creativity and analytical ability. The bal shree certificate is given by the president of India.

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