Beauty with Flowers | Keep your skin healthy with FLowers

March 27th, 2010| Uncategorized.

Beauty with Flowers | Keep your skin healthy with FLowers

It is a big challenge to protect the skin in the summer season especially when the sun heat is high. It is a regular problem of the skin becoming damaged and tanned due to the sun heat. In order to protect the face, hands and feet from the above mentioned problems the sandal and the flowers are very useful. The flowers are the symbols of sensitivity and beauty. The flowers which look beautiful to the eyes are useful in the protection of the skin during summer season and give a good glow to the skin. The anti oxidants, scented natural oils, vitamins are very useful in the protection of the skin from the sun light. The flowers like Jasmine, Lilly, Sunflower, Hibiscus, Lotus comes to the same stream.

The flower had not only the power of making the skin smooth and soft but also improves the skin tone. These works as the natural cleansers by removing the dust that is formed on the skin due to pollution and keeps the skin clean and soft by giving necessary moisture to the skin. There is no problem of the skin becoming oily by using the flowers in the beauty treatments. The sweet fragrance of the flowers gives peace and pleasant to the mind and body.

In the same way the sandal had the power to cool the body temperature. It works as a good antiseptic also. the sandal makes the skin tight and also removes the rashes on the skin that are caused during summer season. The beauty of the skin is totally different by using these flower based products in the therapies and beauty treatments.
– Cleansing by using the products which are made of Hibiscus and Rose flowers.
– Removal of the dead skin using the scrub which is made of Jasmine.
– A massage of 20 min using the Sandal Serum which is made of Egyptian Lotus.
– Ultra Sonic treatment using the gel which is made of Pink colored Lotuses.
– Toning with the rose water.
– A special face pack using the sandal and white lotus flowers.

These facials can be applied by any age group of people. The skin becomes glow by removing the blackness and spots on the skin by sing these facials. The anti oxidants in the floral creams make the skin glow and shine.