Begunkoduru Railway Station| Is it Ghost Railway Station?

September 21st, 2012| News, Travel.

devil rly station260 km distance to Kolkata there is Begunkoduru village. At this village outskirt, one ruined railway station is there. Since 42 years, no person has entered in this area, and no rail traveled from this station. If the station name is spoken, the village people will get afraid. The local people say that if any person entered into the station there is no guarantee for his safe return. Up to 1967 year this station was busy with passengers and trains. After that, this area atmosphere changed as a burial ground. Why this is happened?  The village people are using the nearby station, but they are not using the station available in their village. Why there are not going to their station?  All news became a mystery. If asked same to the village people, they say that 42 years back the railway employee who worked in this station has seen a female ghost. The ghost wear white sari, with loose hair and wondering in the area. This matter was reported to the village people after informing the said news he died suddenly.  The village people are still under impression that the female ghost occupies the railway station since no place to her or she may be waiting for her persons who may come by any rail. But the village people are not interested to see their railway station.

The village people are saying about ghost story. The railway employees are not interested to work in that station, as this railway station is far away from the village and also not showing interest to get postings for that particular station at any time .Therefore the ghost rumor might be spread by them only. Due to non stopping of the train the villagers are facing problem. The railway officials are stated that the railway employees are behind this Ghost story. The Parliament standing committee of railways Ex Chairman, Basudeb Acharya has also expressed the same opinion. In these circumstances, Smt Mamata Benarji has taken the charge of Indian Railways minister. She sanctioned new trains to West Bengal. To the new express rail Ranchi –Hatoya stop is given at Begankoduru station. The villagers have requested the Minister in his tour before elections, to arrange rail to their village. At the time announcement of railway schedule, Smt Mamata Benarji has expressed that she doesn’t believe the stories of Ghost. There are no ghosts.  This rumor was circulated only by the people. After 42 years a train was stopped in that station.. The villagers are reached the station and danced with joy. Still the Ghost is living in the station, or changed the place with bore or the ghost story was circulated by the employees on their personal interest are to be known. The female ghost story is remained as mystery.

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