Benefits of 3G services

December 24th, 2010| News.

Benefits of 3G services

3G services

3G is the short form of wireless third generation technology. 3G can be termed as high speed mobile network. It is possible to achieve a minimum of 144 kilo bytes of data speed per second, through  3G services. It is interesting to note that  the data speed of normal computers would be 56 kbps. Specialty of 3G is to connect the mobile phone to internet or any other IP for the purpose of voice and video calls. With 3G services, high speed transmission,  advanced multimedia access, global roaming and  other facilities are possible.

Data download and upload can be done at fast pace; improvisation  of audio and video streaming, video on demand, video conferencing support, mobile TV (TV through internet), telemedicine, high speed internet  access and others are possible through 3G services.  Two cameras will be present in the mobile  phones that support 3G services. Special SIM card has to be used for availing 3G services.

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