Best IIT insitute in India | IIT Kharaghpur

December 13th, 2012| Education.

Best IIT insitute in India | IIT Kharagpur
Hyderabad stood seventh place in IIT. The question of which is the best college that offer engineering courses got the answer in the recent survey which is conducted by all the great institutions. In that survey it is proved that IIT Kharaghpur stood the first place among all the institutions. In the next places there comes Delhi, Chennai, Kanpur, Gowhati and Raurkela. The IIT of Hyderabad stood seventh place in this survey. The NIT technological institution of Warangal stood 11th place. These places are given based on the points scored. In the survey the score given is 81.9 for hundred for IIT kharakhpur and 78.49 points for the IIT Delhi. The survey is conducted based on the teaching, placement and qualities of the institutions for nearly 111 engineering institutions.