Best Nutritive food for Exams | How to prepare Healthy soup?

January 23rd, 2013| Education.

Best Nutritive food for Exams | How to prepare Healthy soup?
It is not good to eat heavily in the period of exams, since it will cause the decrease of activeness both mentally and physically. Hence, it is correct to eat in small quantities for more number of times. By this, energy levels will be regular.

The natural sugars present in the fruits, will rejuvenate the energy. So it is advised to take more fruits in this period of exams. Mainly, Blue Berries will prevent the weakening quickly because of presence of anti oxidants in high quantity.

Dark green vegetables and curry leaves will have more nutrients. They should be taken in more quantities. Salad with corn, tomato and sliced green chilly is to be taken. Mineral water, coconut water and fruit juices are to be taken without adding sugar.

In the period of exams, taking the light food with more nutrients is necessary. Healthy soup which provides essential nutrients should be given to the children:

Pre- requisites:
* Two cups green peas
* A cup fresh corn
* Onion half piece
* Garlic piece
* One tea spoon oil
* 1/4th cup butter free milk
* One tea spoon sliced coriander
* One tea spoon sliced mint leaves

Green peas, corn, some salt and four cups of water should be boiled on low flame. Blend it to a paste after cooling. It is to be served hot after adding milk, coriander and mint leaves.

The nutrients present in it will give instant energy and keeps the body active.