Best Opportunities for Culinary Arts | Top Culinary Arts Institutes in India

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Best Opportunities for Culinary Arts | Top Culinary Arts Institutes in India

The Kitchen is very important for the Hotel Management and the head is called as Chef. As how the chef is the head for the Hotel Management, depending on the needs it had become a special subject to learn and formed as a subject. The result of this is the food making based science called as the Culinary Arts. Culinary Arts is mainly the learning of the preparation of variety of dishes, their processing, cooking and finally the garnishing and serving them for the guests are the topics that are followed in an order. The things like the quality of those products, preservation, usage and so on are to be learned in an order in this course. In reality there are number of chances for this course in foreign countries than in India. That is the reason why one has to know the International food manners during the learning this course.

There is a great demand for the candidates who did this course in America and European countries. The demand for these candidates is increasing day by day in the famous Star Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs and many other famous Catering companies. Especially in these days there is a great prominence and importance for the chefs in the ships that travel on the oceans.

Though the Culinary Arts is a part of the Hotel Management course, there is a difference in this course as said earlier. The Hotel Management course is a combination of House Keeping, Front Office and Food and Beverages. But there is same prominence for the topics that are there in the Culinary Arts. But some higher importance is been given for the kitchen based topics in Culinary Arts course. The topics like Management Principles, Marketing, Materials, French Language, Hotel Law, Human Resource Management, Basic Food Hygiene, Nutrition and Food Science and Computer Application which are there in the Hotel Management Course are there in the Culinary Arts too.

Besides these above mentioned courses the candidates had to learn the core topics besides these courses. The principles of the food which are prepared by the HACCP which is approved by the FAO is to be read carefully in this course. In order to say in the International Level, the making of the food products, serving the dishes to the guests in a beautiful look, Hospitality Management and so on are covered in this course. The course will be favorable to the star hotels and International Group hotels in our country.

Eligibility for Culinary Arts: The candidates who did their Intermediate or its equivalent with 50% of marks are eligible to do this course. Except the first year rest all the other year courses will be in the form of Semester form. In the same way one semester will be full of Industry Internship. In most of the course curriculums, 70% will be in the form of practical method. Some of the important institutions in our country which offer this course are as follows:

-          Culinary Academy of India, Hyderabad
-          College of Hospitality and Tourism, Gorgon, Haryana
-          Amarapalli Institute of Hotel Management, Haladwani, Nainital, UP
-          International Institute of Culinary Arts, New Delhi
-          Mumbai College of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Mumbai

Coming to the foreign countries, the institutions like The Lee Cordon Blue Schools and The Art Institutes System of Schools are offering the Culinary Courses. The institutions in the countries like Australia, Argentina, France, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Philippines, and Singapore and so on are offering the Culinary Arts Course. For further details and information regarding this course is found in the website www.

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