BINC exam Syllabus in paper 1, paper2 and paper 3 | Syllabus in various subjects in BINC exam in paper 1

December 28th, 2010| Education.

BINC exam Syllabus in paper 1, paper2 and paper 3 | Syllabus in various subjects in BINC exam in paper 1

The syllabus for the BINC exam is designed based on the practicals and there will be five sections in the BINC exam. They are bio-informatics, biology, Physical and chemical sciences, mathematics and statistics and information technology.

Paper 1 syllabus in BINC exam:


There are topics like major bio-informatics resources, open access bibliography resources and literature database, sequence database, 3D structure database, derived database, compilation of resources, database searches, structural biology, DNA and RNA, carbohydrates and secondary structure predictions. There are file formats, basic concepts, scoring matrix, pair wise sequence alignments etc.

Biology syllabus in BINC exam:

Cell biology and genetics which include the concepts like cell mobility and shape, cell – cell interactions, cell cycle and regulation, concepts of bioenergetics etc are there in BINC exam. Molecular biology and topics like nucleic acids, proteins, enzymes, carbohydrate metabolism and other issues.

Physics syllabus in BINC exam:

The syllabus of physics subject in BINC exam is practical dynamics, Newton’s law of Motion, velocity, acceleration, momentum, conservative force, conservation of energy, reversible and irreversible forces.

Chemistry syllabus in BINC exam:

Hybridization state of atoms, electronic structure of molecules, basic molecule orbital theory, first law of thermodynamics, Isothermal process,    entropy, second law of thermodynamics are the topics in chemistry syllabus.

Mathematics and statistics syllabus in BINC exam:

Functions and graphs of polynomial, logarithm, exponential and trigonometric functions, 2D co-ordinate geometry, 3D co-ordinate geometry, solution of simultaneous equations, sequences and series, limits and matrix algebra are the topics which are mentioned in the syllabus of the BINC exam. Questions in statistics subject are asked from discrete random variables, binomial and Poisson random variables, continuous random variables, normal random variables, conditional probability and bayer’s theorem.

IT syllabus in BINC exam:

Types of processing, types of modern computing, introduction to operating system, basic programming concepts, introduction to database system, SQL queries, geometric transformation and co-ordinate transformation are the topics in the information technology in BINC exam.

Paper 2 and paper 3 syllabus in BINC exam:

The questions in paper 1 and paper 2 are asked in the advanced levels of the topics which are considered in paper 1. There will be short answer questions and there will be practicals in various subjects in paper 3. Candidates should do one practical from each subject on a particular topic. This practical should be computer based and it should be related to programming in bio-informatics.