Biotechnology Course and career opportunities through it | Various subjects in biotechnology and its relation with other disciplinary courses

October 17th, 2010| Education.

Biotechnology Course and career opportunities through it | Various subjects in biotechnology and its relation with other disciplinary courses

Biotechnology is developing its range in the present scenario.  Let us know what is biotechnology.  For solving some biology related problems, engineering principles and devices are needed.  So this is not the traditional engineering course.  At the same time this is not a degree course in life sciences.  This is the mixture of both the courses.  This is thus called biotechnology.  This is not at all a new subject.  What is new about this is the BTech, MTech programs introduced in this stream.  Therefore students who want a career in biotechnology should have interest in biology.

Biotechnology is a multi disciplinary course.  Candidates who finished Intermediate with MPC or BPC can join this course.  JNTU is allotting seats to the candidates belonging to these two streams equally.   But BPC students have to finish a bridge course in mathematics, before counseling as per the instructions of AICTE.  Bridge course is not compulsory for MBPC students.

Future for biotechnology

There are very good job opportunities in India or abroad, for candidates who finish this course.  But for a bright future,  students should not stop their studies with BTech Biotechnology.  They should at least complete Post Graduate program.  Pursuing PhD will be very beneficial.

Higher studies after graduation in biotechnology

Many Universities and prominent institutions are offering Post graduate and PhD courses in
Biotechnology.  Many Universities in India are also offering these courses.  CCMB, CDFD, IICT, ICRISAT, IIIT etc have special Biotechnology departments with fully developed facilities.  Biotechnology course is offered at national level in IIT, NIT, and the highest medical institute in the country AIMS etc.  Bangalore IISC, NEE, ICGEB in New Delhi, TIFR in Mumbai are also offering this course.  All international Universities are offering Biotechnology course.  Theory is the same in national or international Institutes.  A clear difference is there in the practical approach.  When Biotechnology is selected it is better to pursue doctoral degree.  After finishing post graduation or PhD in India, research can be done in foreign Universities with scholarships.  Job is guaranteed even with a graduate degree in Biotechnology.

Job opportunities with biotechnology background

The number of industries in Biotechnology is less when compared to traditional engineering industries. These industries require a lot of investments.  Salaries are also less when compared to IT jobs.  But these candidates can get high salaries if technical knowledge is added to the basic knowledge.

Generally there are 3 departments in Biotechnology.  They are production, quality and R and D. Graduates of Biotechnology are taken into the production department.  A few people are recruited into R and D department.  Candidates who finish PhD can directly participate in the activities of R and D department.

In India Bangalore and Hyderabad are the Biotechnology hubs.   Santa Biotech, Bharat Biotech and Reddy Labs belong to Hyderabad.  Other well known companies are Biocon, Origin of Bangalore and Serum Institute of Pune.  Coming to quality, the marks secured by student of Biotechnology are not considered for the jobs.  Their understanding of the subject and their technical capabilities are the qualities companies look for in a candidate.

IT and Biotechnology students

Biotechnology students can definitely go to IT.  As part of the course basic computer programming is taught.  Bio informatics, Computational Biology etc is covered in the course.  The students of Biotechnology can work in the Life sciences division of IT companies like TCS, Infosys, Wipro and CTS.   The companies may assign new projects to the candidates after recruiting.  The future will be good in the life science divisions of IT companies.

Life science/Engineering course

Biotechnology is a multi disciplinary subject.  Mathematics, Physical, Chemical and Life sciences subjects are vastly covered in the course.  Engineering concepts are also taught.  The body of humans, animals or plants functions according to its construction.  In scientific language this can be said that it works as per the engineering applications. The body functions can be divided in to the following.

Chemical and Electrical Engineering

Various processes in the body are the results of few reflexes.   These are of chemical and electrical in nature.  When these processes do not work properly, it is called disease.  Problems can be solved easily if the main cause is found out.  Chemical Engineering also plays its part in Biotechnology.  The combinations of parameters and reactions are called Biochemical Engineering, Bio Process Engineering or Bio sensors.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is important to understand the movements and dynamism of the body.  Robotics is the better example for artificial human being.  Blood vessels, their capacity and the pressure they can take, all comes under Biomechanics.

Electronics and Computer sciences and Informatics

Body and other cells are connected by good networking to coordinate all body parts.  They send signals to all parts of the body. This is called cell signaling.  Nervous system is important in the working of the system.  This network is also present in the Computers.  If there is a problem in sending communications computer will face problems. If the nervous system does not work properly the body will face problems. Nowadays the disease confirmation is done in electronic form.  This is possible by converting the electric signals in to digital form.  Thereby the function of the body can be understood.  For example let us take paralysis or hearing problems.  All electronic devices used to cure them.  These work according to the signals produced in the body.  This is Bio electronics and Bio medical Engineering.  These are now known to us as Bio informatics and Computational Biology.

Understanding one by one is another process.  Functioning of the body is the combination of different engineering departments.  That means Biotechnology is the combination of various Engineering disciplines.  Biological related problems can be solved by the various theories of engineering disciplines and their devices.  Therefore Biotechnology is an ancient traditional engineering or Life sciences degree.

Biologist Vs Engineers

It is said that engineers discover and biologists recognize.   This is true to a certain extent.  But now the trend is changing. Everything that is discovered is rediscovered only with the interference of the Biologist.

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