Birth registration procedure in Tamil Nadu

April 30th, 2012| Birth/death certificate, How To, In India, States, Tamil Nadu.

Obtaining birth certificates in Tamil Nadu


Every birth that has taken place in Tamil Nadu has to be registered within 21 days at the place where the birth has taken place. In municipalities, corporations local bodies register the child births. In village Panchayats Revenue Department and Village Administrative Officer takes care of registering the births. The child birth records in rural areas of Tamil Nadu is maintained in the Taluk office for two years and then by the Sub-registrar’s office. Town/Municipal office maintains the birth registers.

Birth certificates in Tamil Nadu including major cities such as Chennai, Coimbatore and Madurai are issued free of cost in the prescribed time limit of 21 days beyond that the applicant need to pay a late fee up to a period of one year. After one year the registration can only be done if Judicial Order from Magistrate is produced.

Births that have taken place in hospitals and medical institutions are intimated directly to the authority that acts as registrar in Tamil Nadu. If the birth has taken place in the house, the same has to be informed to the officials in the prescribed format along with certificate of medical institution by the member of the family.

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